Features Overview

Specialising in the Property Management sector, ControlPoint is a suite of web-based and mobile apps to help Landlords, Body Corporates, Property Managers and Contractors meet their health and safety legal Duties of Care - more specifically it provides PCBUs (Person in Control of a Business or Undertaking) with Hazard Control and Contractor Control tools to meet their legislative requirements. ControlPoint capabilities include:
Feature For the Property Manager and/or Landlord/Body Corporate For the Contractor and/or Worker
Web Portal Access Once a Company is registered on ControlPoint, staff members are setup with ControlPoint accounts and can access and use web portal functionality
Mobile App ControlPoint functionality is available on iOS and Android Apps
Flexible Site Setup By default, sites are setup with geo-perimeters for geo-location login, QR Codes for QR Code logins, and address details for User Defined searches. Other options include iBeacons and Bluetooth proximity sensors
Login Reminder Alerts Through the Mobile App, Workers can receive Site Login reminder alerts when they arrive to work at a ControlPoint Site
Single Tap Logout Workers logout of a Site with a single tap and there is automatic Site Logout fallback capacity
Online Training Available on the website Online Training Portal and through the Mobile App
Site Specific Documents Loaded against the Site and available for display directly to the Worker through their mobile device
Login Notifications Property Managers can receive a login email notification whenever someone logs into their Site(s)
Staff Login Notifications Contractors can receive a login email notification whenever a Staff Member logs into a Site
Lone Worker Monitoring If a Worker does not logout of a Site within a prescribed timeframe, a process of escalated notifications is initiated
Site Specific Login Conditions Specific login conditions can be set for Sites
Customisable Access Criteria Messages Site specific access criteria messages can be set as required
Hazard List Day Board Every Site has its own customisable Hazard List Day Board that displays directly to the Worker via their mobile device
Key Reservation For sites that are running ControlPoint Key Management, anyone can book or reserve a key through the Mobile App
Incident Logging Health and Safety Incidents can be logged directly through the Mobile App and managed by Property Managers through the website
Incident Report Management Health and Safety Incident reports can be managed through the website
Task Analysis A Task Analysis can be created, viewed, or shared through the Mobile App
JSAs and SWMSs Job Safety Analyses and Safe Work Method Statements can be submitted through the Mobile App
Works Order Integration Link a Works Order instruction to a Worker LOGIN
Reports Real-time reports are available on the Mobile App and the website
Add-ons For the Property Manager and/or Landlord/Body Corporate For the Contractor and/or Worker
Key Management A comprehensive Key Management System complete with Bar Code key check-in
Reception Area Login Kiosk Worker login via a reception area tablet
Document Hosting Integration Document hosting API integration
Remote Site Worker Login Contractors can enable ControlPoint "Here I Am" functionality which enables their Staff to send login notifications from Remote Sites they may be working at