Contractor Management and Hazard Control Apps to meet your legal Duty of Care as a Landlord/Body Corporate, Property Manager or Contractor

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Company Setup

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Using Geolocation Technology or QR Codes to identify Sites. Once your Company is registered on ControlPoint, your Staff can download and use the ControlPoint App which is available on Android and iOS.

Q. What is ControlPoint?

A. "Legally Effective" Contractor Management

Who's Onsite

By requiring Workers to Login via our free Mobile App, you know who is working where. You receive an email when a Worker arrives on site and again when they leave

Safe Systems of Work

The ControlPoint App delivers "Safe Systems of Work" and refuses access to anyone not appropriately trained

Lone Worker Welfare

ControlPoint's "HomeSafe" function checks that a Worker safely logs out of a Site or Workplace within a prescribed timeframe

Incidents and Task Analysis

Through the ControlPoint App, Workers can log an Incident, create a Task Analysis, or submit a SWMS/JSA


The law says that anyone who manages or controls a workplace must ensure…that the workplace…and anything arising from the workplace are without risks to the health and safety of any person.

Who's Onsite?

The law says if you are in control of a workplace, you must know who is working there.

ControlPoint uses Smartphone Apps to sign Workers in and out of Sites or remote working locations. You'll also get an email notification when someone arrives to start work.

Your business or the work sites you control must provide and maintain safe systems of work

Safe Systems of Work

Delivering Safe Systems of Work is complex, but ControlPoint makes it easy.

Workers and/or Staff sign into the free ControlPoint Online Training with their own Personal Access Code and password. They complete any assigned Safety Induction Training on their mobile device or through our free web-based Online Training Portal.

Site Specific health and safety documentation is delivered directly to the Worker.

The law says you have to have a system of communication to check on the safety of Lone Workers (Reg 21 in NZ/Reg 48 in Australia)

Lone Worker Welfare

If you manage a property, you are legally required to check on the safety of Lone Workers.

ControlPoint uses a function we call “HomeSafe” to make sure everyone comes home safely. It checks that a worker safely logs out of the site that they are working at within a prescribed timeframe.

You must have a process where Workers or Staff can systematically examine a task to identify risks that may arise from carrying it out

Incidents and Task Analysis

App based tools help Landlords, Property Managers and Employers meet legal requirements for Job Safety Analysis, Safe Work Method Statements and Incident Reporting.